Mrs. Miller’s 2nd grade wrapped up the year with their annual week long classroom camp out! They read camp stories, learned about animal tracks, made solar ovens, melted s'mores and even went on a nature hike to release their frogs that they had raised from tadpoles
1 day ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
EOY Miller 6
EOY Miller 5
EOY Miller 4
EOY Miller 3
EOY Miller 2
EOY Miller
To wrap up the year, the 3rd Grade and a couple HS Health Science students visited Oregon Veterans Home! We joined the residents for many rounds of BINGO before heading to Sorosis Park. Thank you to OVH residents and staff for allowing our students to have such a fun visit!
2 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
OVH Visit 5
OVH Visit 4
OVH Visit 4
OVH Visit 3
OVH Visit 2
OVH Visit1
Beginning in October, Mrs. Gratiot's 4th grade class and Mrs. Mead's 5th grade class participated in a "Food Truck Challenge" in Health class. The challenge was to create a viable food truck business with a nutritionally sound menu. We studied "My Plate" to learn about eating balanced and nutritious meals and studied food truck businesses; from creating a business plan to picking a truck design and a menu. All the kids did such a great job and got really creative with their ideas! What a great way to end the year!
6 days ago, Tiffany Kenslow
1st Place Winners - Persephone, Jakob and  Kitti
2nd Place Winners - Josie and Violet
3rd Place Winners - Avery and Thor
More Awesome Food Truck Carts
More Awesome Food Truck Carts
More Awesome Food Truck Carts
Happy last day of school from the Blue Bus!
6 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Blue Bus kids
Mrs. Mead, Mrs. Gratiot, Mrs. Huffman, and Mrs. Welk would like to warmly thank the Wasco Lodge Masonic Funds at Adventist Health Columbia Gorge Foundation for awarding them each with the Wasco Lodge Masons Grant. They are excited to use these funds to further support their students and enhance their educational experience
7 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Grant Award
Congratulations to the newest Dufur alumni, the Class of 2024!
9 days ago, Sarah Anderson
Mrs. Welk and Mrs. Huffman's class spent their last Friday of the school year splashing around at the Boardman Aquatic Center.
12 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Boardman Pool Trip 5
Boardman Pool Trip 4
Boardman Pool Trip 3
Boardman Pool Trip 2
Boardman Pool Trip 1
The Ranger TECH Construction class hammered out a trailer re-decking project for a local contractor this week. The existing wood deck was nasty. These young men demonstrated exemplary work ethic, problem solving skills and attention to detail while on this project. As their construction teacher, I could not be more proud. - Leona Egeland
12 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Construction Class
Tis the season! Preschool had their Big Sprouts graduation on Tuesday evening. The 8th graders will be having their promotion ceremony on June 5th at 6:00 p.m., and the high school seniors will be graduating on Saturday, June 1st on Henderson Field at 11:00 a.m. Congratulations to all!
14 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Mrs. Gratiot's 4th grade class is ending the year focusing on integrating information from two texts on the same topic. They read two articles about space and then completed a graphic organizer about the similarities and differences between the texts. Next, we wrote about the similarities using a cooperative strip paragraph in a pocket chart as a class. Finally, students are collaborating to write a paragraph in their own small pocket charts about the differences between the two articles. What a great amount of collaboration at the end of the school year!
14 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Collaboration 3
Collaboration 2
Collaboration 4
The seniors arrived for their last day of school in style with a parade through town in anything but a car. Congratulations to the Class of 2024!
14 days ago, Sarah Anderson
Stand along the traditional parade route in Dufur and cheer on the seniors as they arrive for their last day of school!
15 days ago, Sarah Anderson
The Dufur School Little Free Library is in need of books!
20 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Book Drive Flyer
They started out as pen pals and left as friends! Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Huffman's 2nd graders have had pen pals from Maupin all year. Today they got to walk to the park to meet them! They ate lunch, played in the park and even had a great game of kickball with their new friends!
20 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
2nd Park 4
2nd Park 3
2nd Park 2
2nd Park
Mrs.Welk’s kindergarten had their awards celebration yesterday! Thank you to all the families who came and supported! ❤️
20 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Welk Awards 7
Welk Awards 6
Welk Awards 5
Welk Awards4
Welk Awards 3
Welk Awards 2
Welk Awards
Dufur Families: This is just a reminder that school will not be in session tomorrow, May 24th, and Monday the 27th is the Memorial Day Holiday. We will see students again on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend!
20 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
The saying goes that "Rome wasn't built in a day", but the 3rd Graders decided to give it a try anyway! To wrap up a unit about ancient Roman civilization, students recreated famous architecture! They explained why the structure was important to ancient Romans, listed specific elements of the architecture that kept it from becoming ruins, and then sketched a plan. Their models are made from packing peanuts and represent the Colosseum, Pantheon, and an aqueduct!
23 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
3rd Grade Rome 7
3rd Grade Rome 5
3rd Grade Rome 5
3rd Grade Rome 3
3rd Grade Rome 4
3rd Grade Rome 2
3rd Grade Rome
Ranger Concessions will be serving lunch and breakfast at the Dufur City Park on Sunday, May 19th, during the Oregon Trail Road Rally. We will be serving from 6 am to 2 pm. Everyone is welcome!
26 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Ranger Concessions
Mrs. Welk’s kindergarten went on a mini farm trip today. The kindergartners got to see goats, chickens, roosters, ducks, and bunnies! They also made s’mores!
27 days ago, Bonnie Everson Lepinski
Mini Farm 5
Mini Farm 4
Mini Farm 3
Mini Farm 2
Mini Farm